Kain Osterholt: Projects


J.E.R. Kit (2011)

J.E.R. Kit After years of extensive, tiring research and development we have created a breakthrough exercise! The J.E.R. Kit Workout System is guaranteed to boost forearm and wrist strength through short bursts of entertaining fitness sessions. The initial J.E.R. Kit works by grasping the Android device in your hand and jerking (or "Joscillating") the device upwards and downwards as quickly as possible. This motion drives the Joscillator up and down, making contact with the Joscillation sensors and awarding a point each time contact is made. Jerk the device as fast as you can to get the best score possible! Hand the Kit off to your friends and let them workout to see if they can reach the climax of the high score list!

Download J.E.R. Kit

Greedy Shot (2011)

Greedy Shot Collect as many gold coins as you can in this 'Asteroids' inspired shooter. I made Greedy Shot to test out an idea I had for a control scheme based on the accelerometer. Movement is controlled by the accelerometer and firing your weapon in any direction is as easy as tapping anywhere on the screen. The levels are procedurally created so that the action never stops. You'll face more and more faster asteroids as you progress. This was the first app that I used to incorporate an in-app purchase store. I personally recommend the rapid fire upgrade so that you don't have to pound on your screen.

Download Greedy Shot

Time-Tap (2010)

Time-Tap Time-Tap is an iPhone/iPod touch game that introduces multiplayer gaming on a single device! Compatible on ALL iPhone and iPod touch devices! Grab some friends and see if they're as quick as you with Time-Tap for the iPhone and iPod touch! Allowing up to 4 players to play simultaneously on the same iPhone, Time-Tap pushes your physical and mental abilities to their limit through tense, exciting gameplay. Time-Tap divides your iPhone into 4 colored quadrants. Tapping quadrants containing the Spinner produces a unique musical score while you rack up a global high score! Five unique game modes will keep you endlessly entertained!

Download Time-Tap

Where in the World (2009)

Where in the World Travel will never be the same with Where in the World? (WITW). After getting into iPhone development with "Locket" I wanted to do something more useful to the entire world. A friend and I came up with the idea for WITW when Apple announced the new Map Kit functionality of the iPhone SDK. We worked hard to make WITW provide an exciting experience while traveling. We sought out to turn travel into a game by awarding points for travelling to places near and far. By customizing the UI and also adding Twitter support we think we really went all out. Check out the dedicated site for more details.

Download Where in the World?

Bad Atom: Episode 1 (2008)

Bad Atom Screenshot The original Bad Atom was just a stepping stone to Bad Atom XNA. Rather than just a simple pong clone, Bad Atom is now a full featured shooter on the Xbox 360 platform. The game uses complex AI and graphics features to create one of the best action experiences on the community games platform. For this game I was able to round up some help. The team consists of a writer, artist, and 3D modeling expert. I was the engineer and director on the project. We are proud to say that the game is now featured on Xbox Live under the community games section. You can purchase Episode 1 for 80 MS Points. Please visit the Bad Atom homepage for more info.

Bad Atom website

Bad Atom (2007)

Bad Atom Screenshot Bad Atom is my first attempt at creating a fully playable action game. Based on pong, I incorporated a proprietary collision detection system and paddle control system. This was the first time I used OpenGL in an application so much of the graphics effects are very simple. I used an alpha blending technique on the player's paddle in order to allow the player to see the rest of the playing field without obstruction. I later decided to add network LAN play (for a two player match) and a story that would later be the basis for Bad Atom XNA.

Download Bad Atom

Tempus Irae (1996)

Marathon Logo A full scenario built for the Marathon Infinity engine. Team Nardo formed back in the days when Bungie was still located in Chicago. I was 14 when the scenario hit the net. Back in those days Marathon was everything. I designed the levels, "Ameseno Italy", and "Rock the Boat" as well as a number of multiplayer levels.

The Official Tempus Irae website